Tassie Trip Winter 2018 Day 12 – Battery Point & Hobart Harbour

On our last day in Hobart we decided to spend the morning at Battery Point. My wife had heard of a bakery there called Jackman & McRoss and it looked like a good place to have some morning tea. She was right, the food was delicious! We shared a custard Berliner, apricot danish and a piece of vanilla slice. The tea and coffee was quite good too!

Inside the Jackman and McRoss bakery.
With so many amazing choices it was hard to choose what to have for morning tea.

Upon leaving the bakery we had our first good view of Mt Wellington. The weather forecast for the previous night was for heavy snowfall on the mountain. I was excited to see that the forecasts were right, a substantial amount of snow had fallen on Mt Wellington overnight.

Fresh snow on Mt Wellington.

Being from Queensland I had never seen fresh snow before and I couldn’t wait for an afternoon drive to Mt Wellington. In the meantime we decided to explore the Battery Point area as a family. My wife and I loved the architecture of the buildings and their old world charm. As we made our way down Hampden Road we stumbled across the Arthur Circus park. My daughter loved playing on the wet, dewy grass, much to our delight.

My daughter and I in front of the Grand Old Duke on Hampden Road.
My wife and daughter at Arthur Circus.

When we had finished exploring Battery Point we headed back to Salamanca Place. Whenever we travel we try to bring home some souvenirs, something special to remind us of a good time away. While my wife looked in the shops my daughter and I chased seagulls on the Salamanca Lawns. She absolutely loves chasing seagulls and I can’t help but encourage her when I see the smile it brings to her face.

My daughter chasing seagulls on the Salamanca Lawns.

When my wife returned it was my turn to look for some souvenirs. I had already noticed some books in a store on Salamanca Place that looked interesting to me and after having a second look I decided to purchase both volumes of the series. The series is called, “The Abels”, and it is a set of books devoted to the mountains in Tasmania that are over 1100 metres high.

The Abels – Volumes One & Two.

I will definitely be writing more about these books in another post but in summary they are absolutely beautiful books. They have been written with such a passion for the mountains in Tasmania and it has inspired me to visit as many of them as I can.

When we had finished souvenir shopping we decided to head to Mures for lunch. It was such a beautiful day and the snow capped Mt Wellington made for an amazing backdrop to the boats and buildings in the harbour.

The Hobart CBD from Franklin Wharf.
A snow covered Mt Wellington.
Mures restaurant. We had a fantastic lunch here.

By the time we finished lunch it was mid afternoon and time for my wife and daughter to have their regular afternoon nap. As is often the case I had other ideas and headed straight for Mt Wellington to see some of the snow that had fallen overnight. I couldn’t wait to have my first experience of snow!

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