Tassie Trip Winter 2018 Day 9 – Secret Falls & Myrtle Gully Falls

After spending the morning at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary we headed back to our hotel so that my wife and daughter could have a rest. This left me with 2 hours of exploring time in the Hobart area. Knowing that I would have this time, I researched possible places to visit the night before. One of the places that stood out to me most, both for its ease of access and its natural beauty, was the Cascades area behind the Cascade Brewery (you can see where the brewery gets its name from).

So I decided to go to Myrtle Gully Falls as I had heard that another waterfall was accessible from the same track (Secret Falls) and the entire walk would be about 30 minutes or so. It was also a relatively short drive to the start of the track (25 minutes). All up I figured that I would be able to do the drive and walks in well under 2 hours.

The drive to the start of the track takes you on a road that runs directly behind the Cascade Brewery and into the Mount Wellington National Park (Old Farm Road). It’s a narrow and winding road through a heavily forested residential area. As I was driving on this road I was struck by the number of signs and banners protesting against the construction of a cable car for Mount Wellington. Having tasted the natural beauty of the area I am inclined to agree with these protesters. It is such a beautiful place and it would be a shame to develop it.

It wasn’t long before I reached the parking lot which was directly in front of a gate marking one of the entrances to the Mount Wellington fire trails. When I got out of the car and started walking along the fire trail I was astonished at how such a short drive from the centre of a capital city could transport you to an entire world away. Within moments of walking I found myself in lush green rain forest, similar to the forest at Cradle Mountain. The air was filled with mist and it was completely silent, save for the sounds of a pademelon that hopped past.

The Main Fire Trail which leads to the start of the Myrtle Gully Falls track.
The rain forest path on the way to Myrtle Gully Falls.
A pademelon on the Myrtle Gully Falls track.

Within 10 minutes of walking along the Myrtle Gully Falls track I noticed a path heading towards a stream. So I followed the path util I reached a small waterfall, Secret Falls. It’s a really pleasant little waterfall, approximately 3 metres tall, and set within a narrow crevice. The entire area has a very peaceful feel about it and it was the sort of place where you could easily linger. I spent a good 10 minutes here before heading back to the track.

Secret falls.
A wide angle perspective of Secret Falls.
You can see why this area is called, “The Cascades”.
It’s hard to believe this waterfall is only 20 minutes away from a capital city.

As I continued onward it only took another 5 minutes before I reached Myrtle Gully Falls. I was incredibly impressed by this waterfall. A stunningly beautiful series of cascades nestled within lush rain forest. Again, I couldn’t believe that such a beautiful place could exist so close to a capital city. I could have easily spent the entire afternoon at Myrtle Gully Falls.

First view of Myrtle Gully Falls.
The falls are set within an incredibly lush rain forest.
An elevated perspective of Myrtle Gully Falls.
Front on view of Myrtle Gully Falls from the base of the falls.

As I made my way back to the car the mist thickened to an eerie fog. I took some time to stare at some of the large trees in the forest and just appreciate my time in this area. Even though it was a relatively short excursion I left feeling as though I had been in the forest for a long time.

Misty rain forest along the Myrtle Gully Falls track.
More misty forest and tall trees on the Myrtle Gully Falls track.

On the drive home I stopped to have a brief look at the Cascade Brewery. It’s such an interesting looking building and it reminded me of buildings I have seen from the beginning of the industrial revolution. It’s definitely a place I would like to return to when we next visit Hobart.

The Cascade Brewery.

I can safely say to anyone who is visiting Hobart that the walk to Secret Falls and Myrtle Gully Falls is a must do!

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